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My Master Fic List



The Music of the Skies

Summary: Every bird has its song and every sky shares a story.

Story: Moonlit Darkness

Summary: Some how, with just one chance meeting with a person she'd least expected, she ended up being plunged into the world of the supernatural and beyond. A past that she was shunned from, a best friend who is out to kill her and a boy who may just end up being a big part of her future...Curiousity was definitely going to kill the cat at this rate...Unfortunately, she had a bad feeling that she was that so called feline... ~



Too Hot to Handle (A Hottest Side-Story)

Pairing: KiWoon, Implied!Kiseung

Summary: The last time he checked, stalking was NOT a legitimate hobby...Not that he was - you know - stalking Kikwang or anything, (even if he looked downright sinful in those tight swim shorts). He was just merely observing the other...on a daily basis...from a distance. Ok, yeah. He was totally stalking him...

For Your Entertainment (A Hold it Against Me Side-Story)

Pairing: Kiwoon, implied!JongKey, unrequitted!DongKey

Summary: This wasn't a relationship - this wasn't just sex - this was a performance, and Kikwang was the main attraction - the centre of attention. He was here just for his entertainment...and Son Dongwoon wouldn't have it any other way.


Beautiful You

Pairing: YunJae

Summary: ...It wasn't just about his pretty face, his heavenly voice or his sinfully delicious body...He had a beautiful soul as well...

Driven to the Edge of Passion

Prologue | Chapter One

Pairing: YunJae

Summary: She was more than just his friend...She was his girlfriend. He was just the best friend...With benefits, but that was just the nicer way of referring to him as the "fuck buddy". It was just supposed to be a "no strings attached" relationship. So how the hell did love get involved in the midst of everything?


Completely 'Dubu'-ous

Pairing: OnKey, ninja!2min, implied!SiChul, implied!Yunjae, broken!Jongkey

Summary: Being a nerd basically meant that there was no way in hell that one of the most popular guys in school would even look twice at you, right? High school was all about the status quo. The hot guys never dated people who weren't up to their standards.Yet somehow, between scheming best friends, hysterical fangirls, horny classmates, ten minute makeovers, hopeless exes, unexpectedly helpful allies and empty classrooms...A once in a lifetime hookup doesn't seem so impossible anymore. Especially when that hookup just might lead to true love...Going out of your way to get the guy of your dreams isn't such a fairytale anymore...

Definitely Maybe

Pairing: OnKey

Summary: Sometimes, he thought that there was definitely something going on between him and Onew...Maybe it was love?

Under Lock and Key

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part3

Pairing: Onkey, broken!Jongkey, 2min

Summary: How does someone get willingly blackmailed into a blind date with a snobby know-it-all diva, just to make their asshole of an ex jealous?

Well, when your cousin is Lee Taemin, who is suddenly playing Cupid to fix your inactive love life, anything is possible...Especially, if you add in fountains, beaches, chocolate, keys, jealous ex boyfriends, Starbucks and banana print boxers. Life for Lee Jinki would never be boring nor normal again...



Of Angry Sex and Mornings After

Pairing: Changmin/Jessica

Summary: Tonight they were neither Changmin nor Jessica. They were two kindred souls ready to let their inhibitions roam freely and devour each other mercilessly. All the built up tension after all these years would finally be released tonight, and there was no going back after this...

Of Boring Galas, Captivating Scenery and Tongue-Tied Bastards

Pairing: Changmin/Jessica

Summary: ...Yup, Yunho was definitely gonna torture him into oblivion when he found out that he and Jessica were fucking...and maybe more...
Tags: beast, dbsk, kpop, masterficlist, shinee
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