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40 Things That You May Not Know About....ME!!!!!!

Honestly, everyone seems to be really open nowadays and I think this is a pretty interesting idea, so I decided to post my own list of the awesomeness that makes up yours truly :P It's always a good thing when readers are able to understand the authors better, this way...You can see into my mind...Well, kind of :D So think of this as my very own intro post  ^o^

1) I have this strange habit of talking with my hands - my excuse...I'm a very expressive person!!! XP

2) I love love love love love Starbucks (my favourite order is the french vanilla cappuccino with extra cream and Cinnamon... and cherry cheesecake!!! Those are the 2 foods I can't live without because they are super delicious!!!! ^^ (But there's this new cafe called Rituals that is reeling me in with their Caramel Macchiato *o*)

3) I believe that Sung Hoon is quite possibly the most attractive kdrama actor I've had the pleasure of seeing in my life ._.

4) I have Chinese, African, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, Indian and British roots. Yup, I have a very cultural heritage :) However, they're so damn diluted now that majority of them don't even show *pouts*

5) I think that Jaejoong is the prettiest man I have ever seen o_O Seriously, Heechul, Taemin, Sungjong, Jang Geun Seuk, Kim Hyunjoong, Lee Jun Ki and Hongki have NOTHING on him!!!!!! XD

6) I have a tendency to talk a lot, I mean honestly...I babble on and on and on...Like I ramble endlessly...Like seriously...I'm just gonna stop now >_____>

7) I thought that Twilight was a decent series...Until I read that their vampires sparkled in the sunlight...That was just so...Uggghhhh... >_> The book was immediately thrown across the room after that...Thank you very much :P

8) My favourite animals are: the white tiger, lynx, snow leopard, gray wolf, liger or tigon, panda and the bull shark ^o^ Yes, I take pride in watching the Discovery Channel regularly XD

9) I am currently in competition with Key in seeing who can master the most girl group dances...I think Key is still kicking my ass... T_T Apparently, so are Jo Kwon, Kevin...and Sungjong...

10) When it rains, I either get slightly depressed or really agitated...My solution? Chill out in my warm bed and play video games while drinking a nice hot cup of tea :)

11) My hobbies include: sleeping, eating, talking, watching tv, playing video games, cooking, writing, surfing the net, wandering around aimlessly etc.

12) I hate standing on ladders or walking up spiraling staircases - I keep getting the sense that I'm going to fall off... O_O I wonder if there's a phobia for that... <____<

13) Somehow, I have this strange urge to marry Changmin from DBSK...But now, I think Kyuhyun from Super Junior and Dongwoon from BEAST are such lovely options as well XD No wait, scratch that...They are MILF (Maknaes I'd Like to Fuck) material ;) Han Geng and Yunho are the real hubby material!! *wink wink* Plus, besides being gorgeous flawless kind hearted souls...They are gonna be phenomenal dads one day ^o^ Better yet, they should let me have their babies XDDDDDDDDD LOL (I'm dead serious -.-)

14) I am always hungry...I eat around the clock...I'm even hungry now OTL

15) I tend to doodle in my notebooks a lot. I take really good notes, but since I get easily distracted...and bored...I scribble on my pages!!!! ^^ The scribbles are pretty though :) and daydreaming in class generates a lot of good plot bunnies :3

16) Did I mention that I get bored easily? ORZ

17) I have a strange fear of swimming too far out into the ocean, because no one ever knows exactly what's in the water and what time...Plus, the giant squid exists and sharks are predictable!!!!!!!!!!! >_< Don't forget that Steve Irwin got killed by a sting ray =____=

18) Dong Bang Shin Ki/ DBSK/ Tohoshinki/ THSK/ TVXQ are basically my ultimate kpop group...EVER. They were like the first group I was introduced to and I think they are absolutely amazing and I still totally stan them up until this day...Even if they are split into Homin and JYJ right now :( In my heart they will always be OT5!! Always keep the faith <3 TVXQ hwaiting and fighting!! :3

19) I tend to be a neat freak at times and a bit of a perfectionist...Yet, I can never seem to find time to clean my own room T_T *sigh* I happen to like my own personal mess ^o^

20) I never go anywhere without my ipod touch!!! Music is my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

21) I am 4-Dimensional and proud!! Being 4D is a way of life and I embrace my randomness and uniqueness to the fullest!!! ;) That's why Kimmy-Chan is my LJ soulmate ^o^ Cuz we're both cray cray 4D Caribbean girls :)

22) I have the tendency to randomly break out into song and start dancing OTL Blame it on the 4D vibes XDDD

23) I have a thing for guys with "happy trails" *cough cough* Like I have images in my head of running my hands down it...Amongst other things (no, I am not a pervert *shifty eyes*) and guys with piercings...and nice hands *O*

24) So apparently, I'm an unnie to quite a few people on here...Which technically means that I'm old...But it's not my fault that like everybody here is 16 and under ORZ

25) I have 2 memorable nicknames so far on LJ, one is Moo Moo Oppa by my soulmate Kimmy-Chan who I call BirdyBunny bb aaaaannnnnnndddddddd the other is Shim Shim unnie by Christine whom I call Baby Chrissy cuz she's my adorable dongsaeng!! ^o^

26) Apparently I'm a bit of a tomboy...and a nerd...and a spazz o_O

27) My life goal is to become the youngest billionairess in history!!!!!!!! :P I'll start by owning Apple :D *wink wink*

28) I listen to all kinds of musics, but you know...KPOP is probably my favourite right now anyways :P (Is a proud fan girl ^o^)

29) I can't seem to comprehend how people can become anorexic...I LOVE FOOD!!! How can you resist that awesomeness?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @_@ No food = No life =_____=

30) This is how my social circle will be in the future: G-Dragon is my homie, Donghae is my boy toy, Heechul is my bitch, Hongki is my other bitch, Jaejoong is my bff, Seunghyun is my other bff, Jokwon is my entertainment, Yesung is my vocal trainer and 4D spazz buddy, Ryeowook is my personal chef and snuggle buddy, Yunho is my big brother and father of my children, Changmin is my husband, Dongwoon is my other husband, Alexander is my fiance, Kiseop is my boyfriend, Key is my fashion advisor, Kyuhyun is my bff and video game rival, Siwon and Sungmin are my self defense trainers, L.Joe is my jailbait material, Taemin is my son, Yoochun is my other brother, Junsu is my mood lifter/ butler, Jonghun, Jungmo and Yonghwa are my music teachers and fuck buddies on the side, Han Geng is my cousin and other father of my children, Minho and 2PM are my personal trainers, KiKwang is my dance teacher and possible ONS material, Jonghyun is my human dinosaur aaaannnnnndddddddd Nichkhun is my...something... o_O

But you know, I've gotten so much into EXO lately that they've literally taken over my life...and I don't think I've stanned a group this hard since DBSK .____.

31) I am a very random person, because I'm very moody...One minute I'm bopping around the place to my favourite song and then the next minute, I'm sitting in a corner and staring into space...

32) I can play the piano!!! ^^ Yup, 12 years of lessons does count for something apparently :P

33) I love reading horror stories :D but watching horror movies freaks me the hell out!!!!!! o_O Yes, I am a scaredy cat -_______- I deny nothing!! >_____<

34) I can't stand the sight of blood...I'm squeamish like that...That's why I can't watch gory movies, the scary parts are whatever, but it's when the body parts start flying that I make my exit >_> Me no likey the bloody *pouts* This is exactly why I couldn't do medicine OTL

35) My dog has been by my side for a long time. I mean seriously, until your dog can make it 13 years and still be in good condition, then you ain't seen nothing yet :P I <3 MY SHIH TZU!!!! :3 We actually named him after Hurricane Mitch that hit Mexico in 1998, which is around the time we got him ^o^

36) I like international cuisine - Chinese and Italian are my all time favourites!!! ^^

37) Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga are like gods!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

38) I will fly to Japan at the first given opportunity :D Tokyo a la go go gooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

39) I find that I am able to express myself through writing, it's a good release for my pent up emotions and the things that I can never say out loud :) I believe that writing helps readers to understand the psyche of the author, and thus...a connection is born!!!!!!!! Sharing is caring!! SO share your awesomeness with the world around you!! :3

40) I am a huge fan of the Asian culture. I think everything is so unique, so cool and so detailed. Their is such a rich background and a sense of being there that you can't help but want to be a part of. Who wouldn't want to go and travel there?

Oh, and lastly...There's one more important point to note...

You ready?

I'm a total yaoi fan girl and all, but my favourite OTP of all freaking time iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssss...

YUNJAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

Those two are seriously the hottest, most perfect, most well suited, best looking and most awesome couple ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!! And I'm looking forward to the day when they get married!!!!!!!!!! Hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


Well, I hoped you enjoyed me babbling off like a crazy person. Tell me your thoughts!!!!!!!! :) Better yet, tell me your wish!!! Sowoneul Malhaebwa ;3

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