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Obligatory EXO Spazz Post XD

I have been on a serious EXO binge for the past month or so OTL

I swear, all I hear in my mind is basically. . .





*insert Two Moons song here*

They rule my life right now *sigh* and I can't even help it. I never expected to end up stanning them so hard, but happened and I fell for them hard. Good bye all my will power and self restraint *hangs head in shame*

Though, it's not like I regret any of it =/ lol :P

Having 20 odd teasers was major overkill though, but as soon as "History" came out and I saw what they could actually do...MY MIND WAS BLOWN so were my ovaries, but that's another story for another day *________*

History was catchy as fuck and even though there was a litle too much Kai, I didn't even mind because he looked good and he could work it, same thing applied to Kris in the M version *O* unf unf unf all over XDDDDDDDD

However, as awesome as the MAMA video looks, the song still hasn't grown on me yet =/

Love love love all the songs on their mini though!!! XDDD Pressed as hell that some songs were conveniently left out >___> but they better be on the full-album or at least a freaking repackage or something -_____- Jeez, I need more pussy popping music up in here!!! OTL

Favourite song has got to be Angel (Into Your World) the harmonies are so soothing and they sound sooooooooo good here, minus the fact that it's only Baekhyun, Joonmyun and Kyungsoo singing though...However, I also love Two Moons and that's only Jongin, Chanyeol and Sehun so fair is fair :P ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO YO XDDDDDDDDD

These guys are "mindblowingly awesome" as Key says himself *wink wink*

Then it's all like K vs M cuz I honestly can't decide which group I like better @____@

I mean, M has:
  • Lu Han he is so prettyful, adorable and 4D plus he looks way too young for his age, that boy is like the next Jaejoong
  • Yixing aka Lay another wonderful 4D smexilicous guy who's a unicorn in disguise and can shake his ass on the dance floor
  • Wu Fan aka Kris who can honestly get in my bed and take me now because he is just that fucking sexy like omg *spazzes*,
  • Jongdae aka Chen who has a seriously defined facial structure :O and his voice *___* sweet baby krisus plus he can werq it *snaps fingers*
  • Minseok aka Xiumin who I swear looks like a little chipmunk with his chubby cheeks, that boy could not be the oldest guy in this group
  • Tao who is a secret kung fu panda ninja in training and surprisingly adorable o.O

But then we have K:
  • Joonmyun aka Suho the oh so wonderful leadershii who fails at quite a lot in life but I like him anyways because he seems like such a sweetheart and even though he reminds me of Leeteuk (who makes me majorly SMH at everything he does) I simply adore Joonmyun...Yes, I'm weird like that :P
  • Kyungsoo aka D.O who I'm negl, reminds me of an owl with his default O__O expression LMAO but he's actually the umma of the group and gives me major fashionista diva vibes like Yixing o.O but boy can sing :D and make me cackle uncontrollably at his derp faces lololol
  • Baekhyun I swear he reminds me of a mix between Woohyun (aka Whorehyun) and Jonghyun...Actually, am I the only one who finds it ironic that their names all end in -hyun...That must be a sign or something o.O Uh, anyways. He is such a troll and so over the top that I can't help but love him XD Boy already knows how to work the camera and get them fangirls spazzing like banshees =D hehehehe
  • Chanyeol he's so tall and manly looking that I honestly forget that he has quite a pretty face under all that derp and crey crey. It's like happy is his default expression but that makes him all the more precious :3 Plus, he has that sexy ass deep voice that literally makes my ovaries explode into oblivion
  • Jongin aka Kai unf unf unf unf...That boy may seem like a try-hard most of the time, but dammit!!! I shall not deny his sex appeal!!! Come to noona bb and lemme love you doownnnn!!! *O* Sure his body needs a little more work, but I can see the potential already, just give him another year and that boy is gonna be one hell of a sex god =D hehehe Though I gotta admit, when he's not tryna be all serious and sexy, he is so precious :3 Embarrassed!Kai is so fucking adorable that I just wanna huggle him to death lololol
  • Sehun maknae power ftw!!! XD He always seems so shy or reserved, but I can already see he has some major snark in him just waiting to be released. I can't wait till he finally comes out of his shell :) Plus his lisp is so endearing :3 He seems like such a cutie and his aegyooo XDDD I always end up cackling *dead*

Actually on second thought, I would bone everyone in K...They now officially own my ovaries *________* //dead

But the main people are:


Before I forget, I need to mention my new OTP's:
  • BaekYeol
  • Suho/D.O
  • TaoRis
  • KrisLay
  • KaiHunHan/LuKaiHun
However, let me explain one thing. At first, I like everybody else in the whole freaking EXO fandom was a fan of HunHan, you know...Lu Han and Sehun cuz we ALL saw the W Korea video and they were so adorable together and my heart went padam padam for them cuz they're so sweet *O*

But then Jongin came into the picture...and my mind travelled to other places. Let's face it. My mind was gone. Sehun and Jongin make one hell of an awesome couple as well XD Not only because they're both maknaes, dancers, friends and they have past history but because of their dynamics. It's so weird but they remind me so much of my other OTP's *____*

For eg, there's GTOP because they were friends pre-debut and they trained together. Kiwoon, because they're both the youngest in their group. YunJae, since Jongin is tanned and Sehun is pale and I won't lie, their personalities kind of match in a way lol. EunHae, because they're the group's main dancers. Plus, there are so many other couples I could link them too but I think you get the point already lol :D

Bottom line is, even though these two have a serious bromance going on atm, I won't deny the chemistry between them. They have potential =D

...and I need more fics of them in my life...


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