. . . Just Because I Can =P

[] You can’t Tie my shoes.
[x] You like a guy/girl for no reason.
[] You sniff everything
[] You’ve pissed off a Bee
[x] You’ve had an ‘accident’
[x] You’ve bitten someone
[x] You didn’t know Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Alphabet had the same tune
[] You’ve gotten Lemon Juice in my eyes, with your Lemon
[x] You’ve failed a test or quiz

Why I’m Cool:

[x] You say Rawr. Frequently.
[] You own aviators
[x] You like to Party
[x] You wear in style clothes
[x] You take an activity out of school. [ex.soccer]
[x] You’ve been in a Boat
[x] You Smile. ALOT.
[x] You have stuck my tongue out at someone
[] You’ve Stuck Gum to the bottom of a desk or table.
[] You can ski or Snowboard

Your Favourite Colours:
1. Lavender
2. Sky Blue
3. Olive Green
4. Corn Silk / Light Yellow


Nickname: Can-Can / Dicey / Canberry / Janeater / Candi-Cane
Best Friend: MARISSA aka Mar-Mar, Jeannine and Khin-Unnie XDDDD 
Worst Enemy: Well...That could be anybody actually *scratches head*
Shoe Size: Because I have flat feet...I can wear anything from 7 1/2 to 9 depending on the style OTL
Height: 5'5" but specifically I am 5'4 1/2"
Weight: About 118 lbs =/
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Mocha Chocolate Brown =D
Relationship Status: Let's not get into that right now >___> #FOREVERALONE
Zodiac sign: Aries
Chinese zodiac: (Water) Monkey
Favourite Celebrity: Aaliyah
Favourite Singer: Mariah Carey
Favourite Band: DBSK/ TVXQ/ THSK =] <3<3<3 OT5 FOREVAAAA However, I do love my Fall Out Boy *O*
Favourite Group: DONG BANG SHIN KI ^____________^

Finish these with the FIRST thing that comes to your mind.

The Cow said Moo and: the goat said meh? :D
It’s Raining: men, hallelujiah!!! It's raining men, amen!!! XDDDD
Let’s talk about: me, cuz it's ALL about me loljk >o<
Larry “Woof” , Julie “Rawr” and Bob: "Bark"
Where are you: the Caribbean *wink wink*
The Colour of your Bedroom Walls: Gardenia
Like Your Hair: Hell yeah :) It's silky, smooth, soft and shiny I whip my hair back and forth
Did You Ever Like the Song “Low”: Yes.
You Paint Your Nails This Colour: Lavender, Sky Blue, Dark Purple, Light Green, Peach, Pink, French Manicure, Silver etc.
Favourite Drink: Cranberry Juice =)
Favourite Flower: Water Lily :3
Do You Like Snoopy: Yup, I have a Snoopy purse right now actually lol
Virgin: O___________O Do I really need to answer this question...The term #FOREVERALONE should be proof enough OTL
Can You Do a Cartwheel: Hell No =____=
Ever thought of Killing Someone: Yup >__________>

You Have :

[x] A Computer
[x] A Laptop
[] A Camera
[x] A Cell Phone
[x] An iPod/mp3 player
[x] Your Own Bedroom
[x] Your Own Bathroom
[x] More than 2 Siblings
[] Lots of Homework
[x] An Article of Clothing from Abercrombie
[] A Boyfriend/ Girlfriend
[x] An Instrument
[x] Biological Parents
[?] A Life
[] A Car

Writer's Block: Back on the Menu

Restaurants have a way of removing your favorite items from their menu just after you've discovered how much you love them (such as seasonal or 'limited time only' items). What beloved dish, drink, or dessert do you wish was available all the time? If you could get it anytime, how often would you do so?
The Twister - KFC

<s>and this Chicken Burger at Wendy's with Swiss Cheese, Ranch Dressing and Bacon that I can't remember the name of right now OTL</s>

But yeah...If I could get it anytime...I would get it every time I went there duh lol :P